Construction crews working on the Bachman Lake Dam and Spillway Rehabilitation Project have taken extra measures to protect and avoid disturbing wildlife habitats, including turtles in a pond, within the construction area that is dedicated as Water of the US/Wetland. Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) collaborated with other city departments including Dallas Park and Recreation and Office of Homeless Solutions to assist the homeless by relocating individuals from the construction area to local homeless shelters. In addition, DWU and its contractor removed litter and debris from the park and wetland area, improving the cleanliness of the wildlife habitat. To maintain the habitat, DWU follows the State of Texas regulation for Stormwater Pollution Prevention with an approved plan. The plan includes approved Best Management Practices, such as silt fences, that prevent soil and other debris from running off into the nearby ponds and creeks following rain events such as those experienced in Dallas over the last several weeks.

According to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services (USFWS), movement of wildlife to and from different habitats is normal during this time of year. Even while the Bachman Lake Dam and Spillway Rehabilitation Project is underway and during the spring and summer, Dallas Water Utilities recommends that drivers be on the lookout for wildlife, especially for turtles. To promote awareness, DWU will post public safety messaging on social media advising motorists to use caution and be on the lookout for park visitors, construction crews, turtles, and other wildlife in Bachman Lake Park.