Bachman Lake Dam Rehab

Rehabilitating the Bachman Lake Dam and Spillway to minimize flood risk and ensure dam safety for generations to come.

Project Introduction

Although this dam was originally built in 1901 to form Bachman Lake, it has only needed minor repairs over its lifetime.

The rehabilitation of the Bachman Lake Dam and Spillway will ensure dam safety, minimize flood risk, and provide regulatory compliance.

The dredging maintenance improvements will help revitalize the lake, improve water quality and allow residents to enjoy the lake for years to come.

Aerial photograph of Bachman Lake Park and its surrounding area located in Dallas, Texas, taken in 1954.

Haskins, Squire. [Aerial View of Bachman Lake Park and Surrounding Area], photograph, 1954; ( : accessed November 21, 2019), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Dallas Municipal Archives.

Latest News

Updates from May Public Meeting

   Dallas Water Utilities staff provided an update on the Bachman Lake Dam and Spillway project on Monday, May 13, during the Neighbors in the Know meeting, a collaboration between the Bachman/Northwest Highway Community Association and Friends of Bachman...

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July 2019

Project Started

Spring 2021

Dredging Design Complete

Fall 2024

Slated for Completion

Project Timeline

The Bachman Lake Dam Rehab project started July 2019 and is estimated to be completed in 2024. Check out this timeline for the projects scheduled construction activities and phases.

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Project Timeline

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