Future Disruption to Bachman Lake Visitors

March 8, 2021

During the Bachman Lake Dam Rehabilitation Project, Dallas Water Utilities will focus on ways to limit the impacts of the project on visitors to Bachman Lake. We want visitors to be able to use the park while we continue on with the project. We understand these impacts will be an inconvenience to Bachman Lake visitors but believe improvements to water depth and the boating experience will vastly outweigh the disruption.

A project of this size requires heavy equipment and special safety and security considerations. We will have to limit access to certain areas during the project, and we plan to keep the public informed as we progress. We will send email and social media updates, and place signs before disruptions begin. 

Dredging is not scheduled to begin until Fall 2021. This is an early notification of potential impacts to Bachman Lake. 

First, the southern parking lot next to the Dallas Rowing Club will be used to launch the dredging barge and assemble several thousand feet of HDPE pipe to transport the dredged material to the dewatering site. Throughout the dredging portion of the project, access to this parking lot will be restricted. We will provide additional details in a future update. 


Google street view of the southern parking lot next to the Dallas Rowing Club.

Second, the dredging process requires several thousand feet of HDPE pipe to be run along the surface of the water. The public should use caution and stay clear of the pipe and not row or boat near the pipe or dredging barge. 

Example of floating pipe on the lake surface during hydraulic dredging. (Source:

Email [email protected] with any questions you may have.