Project Overview

Dallas Water Utilities is currently in the design phase of the Bachman Lake Dam and Spillway and Lake Dredging Maintenance Improvements Project. The project includes engineering efforts to ensure dam safety and regulatory compliance of the dam and spillway and lake dredging based on the Bachman Lake Task Force’s recommendation to “Maintain the Lake”.

Dam Characteristics

  • Built in 1901 to form Bachman Lake
  • First water supply reservoir in Dallas
  • Now recreational use only
  • Limited flood storage/attenuation
  • Only minor repairs over the life of the dam
  • Must protect downstream properties from 100-year flood event

Why These Projects Are Important

  • Preserve dam integrity
  • Restore water depth for recreational use
  • Maintenance of embankment and spillway
    • Trees/underbrush
    • Erosion
    • Seepage

Project Objectives

  • Update hydrology and hydraulics of the Bachman Lake Dam and Spillway
  • Meet required regulatory flood capacity
  • Remove sediment to return lake to recreational levels, a rowable lake
  • Address Bachman Lake Dam structural and stability recommendations
  • Coordination with Dallas Parks & Recreation on walking path revitalization