Project Construction

Dam and Spillway Improvements

Dallas Water Utilities began dam and spillway improvements at Bachman Lake in early December 2023. Improvements are replacing and increasing the capacity of the existing service spillway and relocating the auxiliary spillway to mitigate flooding adjacent properties. In addition, structural improvements to the dam will preserve the integrity of its main embankment and meet the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) dam safety requirements.

Some trees must be removed near the main embankment to meet the state’s dam safety regulations. Once construction is complete, large-canopy trees will be planted to supplement the existing landscaping.

As part of the dam and spillway improvements, Dallas Water Utilities is also widening the trail across the dam embankment, upgrading the trail’s lighting and adjusting the trail in some locations to meet accessibility requirements.

Temporary Trail Detour During Construction

During the dam and spillway construction improvements, a temporary trail detour will be constructed to ensure pedestrian safety and maintain accessibility.

Temporary Trail Route:
  • Detour signs will guide trail users along the temporary trail route from the south side of the main dam along the sidewalk next to Denton Drive.
  • The temporary trail continues north, then turns onto Webb Chapel Extension, where the right lane is closed to vehicles and open for pedestrians up to Bachman Drive.
  • From Webb Chapel Extension, trail users will follow the temporary trail in front of the Bachman Recreation Center until it connects with the existing trail northeast of the playground at Bachman Lake Trail marker 131 (BLT 131).

The two DART bus stops located on Webb Chapel Extension (between Denton Drive and Bachman Drive) remain in use and are accessible.

See full size project and trail detour map: